OAO VNIIGAZ provides excelent tankfarm services over the decades, our tankfarm program modernized over the years, initially developed for the storage of our refined products, and as our refining and sales capacity has increased over the years to over 12 million MT per year we have equiped our tankfarm facilities with an autonomus system, ensuring its independent operations in a fully functional capacity working with our Refinery and Tank leasers for storage of all types of petroleum products and lubricants sucha as, Aviation Kerosene, Diesel D2, Mazut M100, Base Oil e.t.c.

We also focus on the geological exploration on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation and the shelves of other countries;
design development and construction of offshore OAO VNIIGAZ;
establishment and improvement of technologies of construction and operation of wells, field gathering and preparation of hydrocarbons offshore fields;
development of comprehensive measures to ensure the safety and environmental development of shelf deposits. Main recent developments:
comprehensive development of gas condensate fields Kirinskoye block the project "Sakhalin-3";
development projects Kirinskoye and South Kirinskoye fields (the Sakhalin-3);
reprocessing and reinterpretation of seismic data 2D and 3D in the waters of the continental shelf and Priyamalsky Ob and Taz Bays, the creation of an information basis for the monitoring of the deposit reserves during its operation.

Gas Transportation Systems and Technologies

Areas of Focus:
scientific-methodological and normative support the design, construction, reconstruction and operation of transport and gas compression: normative-technical documentation (standards of technological design, specifications, programs and test procedures, energy efficiency, quality control);
the development of new technical and technological solutions; study types and sizes, parameter optimization and testing equipment;
development and implementation of technologies, materials, equipment and technical solutions for the construction and operation of highly reliable gas production and transportation facilities are resistant to natural and anthropogenic influences;
scientific support for the introduction of new technologies, materials and equipment at the facilities of OAO VNIIGAZ;

Certification of new types of materials, equipment and technologies for construction, repair and corrosion protection of objects of OAO VNIIGAZ. Main recent developments:

program for the reconstruction of gas transportation system of OAO VNIIGAZ;
a comprehensive program of reconstruction and modernization of gas transportation facilities;
reconstruction of the booster set. (ABAC Vuktylsky, Bear, Yamburg fields);
Research in the field of certification of tubular products, organizes field tests of new types of pipes;
improving the efficiency of diagnostics, maintenance, repair, modernization and reconstruction of the Unified Gas Supply System (Unified Gas Supply System) OAO VNIIGAZ;
Scientific and technical support of new projects of main gas pipelines (Yamal Pipeline, Altai);
Programme for the Development of experimental systems for improving the certification, certification, acceptance of new materials, technologies and equipment;
development of projects of national / interstate standards (GOST R / GOST), aimed at improving safety in the operation of pipeline transportation facilities;
Development and maintenance of corporate standards of OAO VNIIGAZ in the field of construction, repair and corrosion protection of UGSS.

Underground Petroleum Storage Facilities

Areas of Focus: design and author's supervision of operation of underground gas storage in Russia and abroad;
establishment and improvement of storage technologies of natural gas, associated petroleum gas, non-hydrocarbon components (helium, nitrogen, carbon dioxide);

A feasibility study for the reconstruction and technical re-equipment storage facilities of natural gas.

Main recent developments:

supervision over the operation of underground storage facilities;
program of comprehensive measures to improve the efficiency of operation of underground gas storage JSC "ICA" Kazakhstan;
pre-design work for justification of geological objects looking for zakazchki associated gas extracted from oil during its preparation;
technological projects create temporary underground storage of associated gas at oil fields (in Yurubcheno- Tokhomskoye, New -Chaselskom, VC NGKM etc.);
development of normative documents in the field of underground gas storage;
The concept and development of underground gas storage in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; Forecast of development of underground gas storage facilities in Eastern Siberia and the Far East; a joint project to introduce energy-saving technologies of gas injection in the UGS Bernburg (VNG); comprehensive measures to improve the efficiency of operation of underground gas storage OAO VNIIGAZ Transgaz Belarus.

Processing and trade preparation of the gas:
Areas of Focus:
development of new energy-efficient processes and technologies of low-temperature and cryogenic separation of natural gas, light hydrocarbons, volatile hydrocarbons extraction of helium concentrate, a fine purification and liquefaction of helium;
the creation of new construction materials on the basis of sulfur gas;
development of new absorbents cleaning gas desulfurization;
analysis of the current state and prospects of development of the domestic and world markets sulfur;

Strategy formation production and marketing of products of OAO VNIIGAZ.

Main recent developments:
feasibility study of creating a complex chemical facilities in the Primorsky Territory;
technical and technological solutions of the project "Pechora LNG";
quality inspection adsorbents and catalysts;
examination of draft storage, preparation and transportation of gas, and the licensed areas of JSC "ROSPAN international"; development of technology liquid sulfur in the GPP;
the development of production technology compacted seroasfaltobetona.
The use of gas, gas motor fuel

Areas of Focus:

development of technical and technological solutions to improve the efficiency of production and use of gas motor fuel;
development of technologies for the production of gas motor fuels with improved environmental performance, including by the addition of hydrogen;
improvement of technological processes of production of low-tonnage LNG refueling and different modes of transport;
development and improvement of regulations on the use of natural gas in the transport sector;
feasibility study and the technical and economic proposals for the production and use of natural gas as a motor fuel;
development of prototypes of models of technological equipment for implementation of new technical solutions;
development of specialized software for engineering calculations.
Main recent developments:

technical and technological solutions to improve the efficiency of production and use of gas motor fuel;
technology to obtain gas motor fuels with improved environmental performance, including by the addition of hydrogen;
improvement of technological processes of production of low-tonnage LNG refueling and different modes of transport.
Power gas industry, environment, labor protection and industrial safety
Areas of research:

development of the structure and requirements of the roster of best available technologies (BAT);
the development of energy-saving and environmental technologies, including biotechnologies for environmental clean-up of the hydrocarbon contaminants;
ecological and hygienic maintenance of programs of development of deposits on the Yamal Peninsula and the Arctic shelf, including water systems and waste management of settlements;
implementation of projects for accounting, control and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
to ensure healthy and safe working conditions at the existing and future facilities of OAO VNIIGAZ;
development and improvement of the regulatory framework of natural resources and energy savings in the form of P OAO VNIIGAZ, GOST R.
Main recent developments:

energy saving concept of "OAO VNIIGAZ" for the period 2011-2020 .;
energy saving program of OAO VNIIGAZ for the period of 2011-2013 .;
comprehensive environmental program of OAO VNIIGAZ for the period 2011-2015 .;
energy development program of "OAO VNIIGAZ" on the basis of the use of its own power plants and power plants;
Energy Efficiency Programme at the enterprises of OAO VNIIGAZ;
development of technical solutions to improve the energy efficiency of technological facilities of OOAO VNIIGAZ.
Risk assessment, management of industrial safety

Areas of research:

study on the accident, the risk of accidents;
development of measures to reduce accidents and mitigate the consequences of accidents and emergencies;
study the sustainability of large-scale power systems and their components in emergency and crisis situations;
a study of economic mechanisms of risk management and optimization of the system areas of insurance coverage of OAO VNIIGAZ, the analysis of risks of investment projects
Main recent developments:

identification of hazardous production facilities of OOAO VNIIGAZ;
ensuring fire safety and well blowout;
risk analysis of the operation of hazardous production facilities of gas transmission companies OAO VNIIGAZ;
analysis of the specific impact of environmental factors on the functioning of the facilities of OAO VNIIGAZ"
Design and engineering

Areas of research:

Functions of customer-builder and a General for the implementation of innovation and investment projects of OAO VNIIGAZ, including the collection of baseline data, and obtaining land use permits, TT and specifications for design;
a full range of engineering surveys on land;
execution of pre-investment studies, including the development of a comprehensive detailed work projects, working documents, pilot production facilities to the monitoring of test sites;
Engineering supervision of the construction, including the supervision and audit of the commission. the development of normative and technical documentation required for design, construction, monitoring, testing, maintenance and conservation of fuel and energy facilities;
Simulation modes of gas, oil, capacitors and product calculation of structures for strength and stability. Main recent developments:
justification of investments into development, transport of hydrocarbons Sobinsk condensate field and the establishment of gas processing and gas chemical complexes;
justification of investments in the construction of a refinery in the area of ​​Murmansk;
a declaration of intent to the creation of gas-processing and gas chemical facilities based on the recycling of valuable components Valanginian deposits of gas fields NTR;
projects of reconstruction and overhaul facilities, included in the linear part of the gas-Ostrogozhsk Belousovo, Ukhta-Torzhok (1-3 turns), NTO-Torzhok, Punga-Ukhta-Gryazovets, Pochinki-Yaroslavl and Gryazovets-Torzhok, including underwater crossings through water barriers;
projects of reconstruction and overhaul facilities are part of the Syktyvkar and Ukhta industrial centers, Myshkin and Griazovets LPUMG;
Reconstruction of engineering networks and compressor stations Sindor shops, Babayev Vuktyl, Mikun and Urdoma, Sindor, Privodino;
projects of the reconstruction of existing facilities for transportation and processing of liquid hydrocarbons in the Nadym-Pur-Taz region, as well as construction of new facilities of alternative schemes of transport and delivery of liquids in the pipeline system of OJSC "AK" Transneft ";