Environmental protection: Among the largest projects carried out in recent years, environmentalists in the field of environmental protection and environmental management, - integrated environmental and ethnological studies on the Yamal peninsula in an area of ​​activity of OAO VNIIGAZ and the adjacent peninsula Kara Sea; development of technologies and programs of restoration of disturbed and contaminated lands Bovanenkovo ​​group of fields; development of waste management and treatment of drinking water for the municipalities of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District; Development of Energy Saving Concept of OAO VNIIGAZ for 2011-2020 .; Integrated Environmental Program of OAO VNIIGAZ for the period 2011-2015.

OAO VNIIGAZ - the organizer of scientific ecological and technological expedition "Yamal" in 2009 - 2013 years.

The main activities of scientists are ecological support targeted scientific and technical programs of development of deposits of the Yamal Peninsula and the Arctic shelf; development and implementation of energy-saving and environmental technologies; implementation of projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Actively develop research in the field of biotechnology to clean up the environment from petroleum contamination.

"VNIIGAZ" in recent decades supports several orphanages, a patron of the creative teams of the Center of children's creativity "Harmony" (Leninsky district Moscow region) and dance groups "Double tone" and "Chizhovniki."
For six years, the team spends the winter and summer children's charity events, provides targeted assistance to disabled children (Leninsky district department of the All-Russian Society of Disabled People).

Prospects "OAO VNIIGAZ" provides scientific and technical support for long-term development of "OAO VNIIGAZ": forecasting and planning development, maintaining a high level of raw material reserves and production of hydrocarbons security of supply of products, the scientific and technical support for the development and implementation of system-investment projects of "OAO VNIIGAZ".
Promising areas of research and development work carried out by research divisions include:
developing long-term strategic programs for the development of mineral resources base of the gas industry, monitoring the results of exploration work and clarification of areas for prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits in Russia, CIS and abroad;
scientific and technical support for the development of the Yamal, Yakutsk and Irkutsk gas production center within a comprehensive action plan to build gas production, gas transportation and gas processing facilities, and the Programme of the complex development of deposits of the Yamal Peninsula and the adjacent waters, as well as the author's support of the fields at the late stage of development ;

Social politics

A constantly creating geological models and improvement of their construction, the introduction of new schemes and methods for developing offshore fields;
Development of methodical bases of remote methods of research of hydrocarbon deposits;
design, development and improvement of management systems technical condition, integrity and efficient functioning of UGS facilities;
implementation of a unified scientific and technical policy on the formation of the technical requirements of OAO VNIIGAZ to the pipes and fittings and assemblies of pipelines, welding and quality control of welded joints of trunk and field pipelines gas transport system of "OAO VNIIGAZ";
complex scientific and methodological support for the construction and commissioning of gas transportation systems (GTS), a new generation.

At present, specialists of LLC "VNIIGAZ" perform work on critical areas and backbone projects of OAO VNIIGAZ:
the development of the Yamal Peninsula, Eastern Siberia and the Far East, the Barents, Kara and Okhotsk Seas;
Construction of the Bovanenkovo-Ukhta-Torzhok, Power of Siberia, the South Stream;
development of underground gas storage in Russia and abroad;
development of gas chemistry in Eastern Siberia.